FreeKode - Python


Welcome! This is going to be a hands-on, free, and world-class tutorial on Python! There is no need for any installation because this course includes a code editor, which allows you to edit and write code in the browser, without needing to install anything!

What is a programming language?

A programming language is a language that computers can understand. You can't just write English and expect a computer to understand. Programming languages are typically easy, and Python is one of the easiest and one of the most popular.

Without any further ado, let's get started with Python.


Anything that you send to a computer is called an instruction.


Anything that a computer sends to you is called output.

Let's get started

Without any further ado, let's get started with Python.

The first instruction we're going to be learning is called print(). This instruction instructs the computer to display whatever you wrote between the parenthesis on the screen.


We've typed "100" in between the parenthesis for you. Click on "Run" to run the code.

The area where the number 100 appeared is called the console.

What do you see? After waiting for a few moments of setup, you'll see the output: 100 printed on to the console.

The things that you put inside those brackets are called values. And print() is a function because it has those brackets. There are also instructions that you can give to a computer that don't have brackets, and this is not one of them.

We've seen how to print numbers to the console, now what about words? We can do that too!

print("My name is Joe.")

Notice that numbers can be written just like that in the parenthesis, while words and sentences have to be written within quotes.

Sentences can be written within single quotes (') or with double quotes ("), and that is left to you. It will not change the output in any way

We can see that the sentence "My name is Joe." has been printed to the console.

It's your turn now

Print the sentence "Joe. That's my name." to the console.

Up next: Printing a paragraph to the console